Annual OSFC Ex-Players Reunion Day

The Club’s Annual Ex-Players Re-Union Day, held in early October was again a great success and not only produced our first, and so far, only point of the season but unsurprisingly, our biggest crowd of the season, names in article in January 2020 magazine …..maybe there’s a link.  

Each year seems to produce a few faces that have either not attended the Re-Union Day before or have not been for some years. We hope to see the numbers continue to grow each year….look out for details of the October 2020 Re-Union Day nearer the time.

If you’re bored at home on a Saturday afternoon try and pop along to the odd home game if possible, info will be on the website…..also we have a bar! 
Ian Meyrick

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OSA Photographic Competition – Sport

The theme of the inaugural OSA Photographic Competition was interpreted liberally, although it was great if it related to the School or OSA activities. “Sport” was chosen as this is always a popular OSA topic. The winner is to get a bottle of Champagne, presented to him at the Annual Dinner in March 2020, where it is our intention to display the entries.

And the winner is: Tim Westbrook, for “After lunch wake-up call for Botany Bay opening Batsman!” This was an action shot taken on OSA President’s Day, at Botany Bay in 2013. It features Jack Wilkins (Chris Wilkins’, son) opening the bowling for the President’s XI. We thought that the winning photograph provides a perfectly balanced composition of an action shot of the game.

Look out for the details of the next OSA Photographic Competition, in a future edition of, ‘The Old Stationer’ magazine, so that you can enter too.

Tony Moffat and Peter Thomas


We are always eager to welcome new Members!

Down Memory Lane

The guided walks of Crouch End initiated by Stephen Collins have proved to be a great success. Participant numbers meant each of the three tours in October was needed to meet demand from OSA members. Conveniently starting at The Railway pub, our tour guide Karen Lansdown took a route down the high street passed the old Hornsey Town Hall, now being converted into residential accommodation, then pausing briefly to admire the clock tower before continuing passed the site of the Crouch End Theatre and the Arthouse cinema. We then turned right down Inderwick Road passed the new Hornsey School for Girls and soon arrived at Mayfield Road discovering Stationers Park which now occupies the site of the school. The park was busy with mums and their children who were quite surprised when we burst into a rousing chorus of the school song. The only visual evidence of the school’s previous existence was a stretch of wall in Denton Road where the first and second terraces use to be. Strangely there was no signage signifying the connection of the park to Stationers’ Company’s School, an oversight which we are trying to resolve with the Council. The last leg of the tour took us to Harringay West Station which would have been used by many of us to commute in to school walking up the Hogsback which has also disappeared.

Karen will be providing a follow up tour of EC4 in The City probably starting in the Cockpit stopping off at Stationers Hall and walking up Fleet Street to Bolt Court to visit the original school site. Details will be available soon on this page.


City walks pix

Dates for the Diary

Friday 27th March 2020
AGM & Annual dinner

AGM at 5.30 at Stationers’ Hall, with reception and dinner following at approximately  6pm. To attend please print off the March 2020 lunch form and send to Roger Melling as instructed.

Tuesday 12th May 2020
OSA Lunch

12.15 for 1pm, Royal National Hotel, Russell Square, WC1.
To attend please print off the May 2020 lunch form and send to Roger Melling as instructed.

Sunday 30th August 2020
President`s Day

Botany Bay Cricket Club

Tuesday 15th September 2020
OSA Lunch

Details to follow

Apology – re Alan Berwick
The magazine incorrectly records Alan as having passed.