1960-67 Reunions
updated 2/5/09

Who was in the phone box? One of the many topics of conversation at the reunion of the 60 - 67 year held at Whitewebbs Golf Club, Enfield on 18th May 2002. Proceedings started at 7pm although there were a few keen ones who arrived from 6 onwards.

Organised principally by Alan Holmwood, with assistance from Terry Carroll, Bob Gettleson and Eric Dore (who thoroughly enjoyed his day up town searching births, deaths and marriages registers under the direction of Alan), and starting from a total of just the four, in all we traced 85 of the 96 in the year, over the course of about 5 months. 13 were abroad and sad to report, 3 had passed away.

A total of 35 turned up to what proved to be a highly successful and enjoyable evening. Arrivals were fed by a super buffet laid on by Eric's wife Dot, to whom our grateful thanks. All had a chance to see themselves as they were on an enlarged copy of the 1961 school photo, although this proved difficult for some.

The evening wound down from about 11.00 and by 11.45 all had gone except a hard core of about eight who, reverting to their school days, seemed to think they had to stay 40 minutes after everyone else. The 11 untraced are listed below. We would be glad to hear from anyone who has any information on their whereabouts.

Brynley Davies
Michael Dawson
Stephen Day
Lawrence Gay
Leslie Holmes
Roy Jenkins
Edward Powell
George Taylor
Ian Ward
Ian Wilkins
David Williams

One old boy, John Penhallow, who was unable to attend due to living in Australia (poor excuse), was in London on business early in August. A group of us met up with him for another great evening. Another full reunion was provisionally planned for April 2004, but further details are as yet unavailable.

PS: Those who were in the phone box already know the story, and those who were not, missed another good evening out!

Sadly, the passage of years adds more names to the roll of those no longer with us - Michael Dawson passed away 1/4/06.

There is talk of another reunion of this intake - provisionally planned for September 2010 - to Celebrate 50 years since the first fateful footsteps were taken in School. Keep watching the website for more news...

David Davies, Ray Tillier, Les Bouche, Alan Holmwood & Terry Carroll
Martin Palmer, Bill Spire & Steve Hulford
Chris Davis, Bob Williamson, Richard Stanfield & Paul Westley
David Turnbull, Alun Owen & Simon Kusseff
Ian Ball & lots of others
Ian Ball (again), Chris Davis & Terry Tucker
Bill Spire, Mark Mathieson & Richard Stanfield
Chris Davis & Terry Tucker
Alan Holmwood (taken 6 years ago before he stopped smoking) No, really, it's a fit up - we drew the cigarette in.
Paul Westley, Simon Kusseff & Terry Carroll
Alun Owen, Terry Tucker & Mike Freedman
Alun Owen & Terry Tucker
Philip Miall & Reg Davis
Terry Way, Paul Westley, Chris Davis, Simon Kusseff, Bob Bird & Jon Aanson
Mike Freedman, Les Bouche & Eric Dore
Simon Kusseff & Martin Palmer
Bob Gettleson
Wilson Boyd, Bob Williamson, Terry Carroll & Alan Holmwood (clearly not smoking - he was holding it for someone else)
Group photo - with apologies for the scanned image quality!