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2012-13 Season


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Sadly, the incumbent organiser was overcome by external pressures, and our Fantasy Football fell a tad short of our (& his!) expectations. His email, quoted below, is the best thing to leave here for your consideration.  Anyway, we all wish him well for the future and, no doubt, we will see him from time to time!

Firstly a thousand apologies for not getting the final table to you back in May. My excuse is that it clashed with my overseas trips for work, this has been followed by more work, trying to enhance my brothers company and also playing some saturday cricket all of the following has meant nothing to send to you all.
Also to my horror I cannot find my emails from the league and just tried to download the final table and it has now been taken down. So the first plea for help is can someone send me if they have it the final table.
Apparently Geraint is asking for a report for the OS magazine - Christ it is over 35 years since I worried about getting my geography homework in on time and now he is giving me grief with this!!!!
Second apology was that I have not sorted out the prize money to the winner and r/up of the league, congrats to Ian Mote who pipped Huddie (so Arsenal just finishing above Spurs in the league no change there then!)  I can't remember who finished third but if anyone has the league then I will arrange the payment and publicity (I have a hunch it was another of Huddies teams)

Due to time constraints we did not run the cup competition last season so some of the prize money has been rolled over.
Regarding the prize money I have copied in Mike Hasler the OS Treasurer to assist sort out the transfer of funds we had 23 teams of which Huddie did not register three into the prize money pot leaving 200.

Some of you have paid direct to me and a few direct to Mike I will confirm with Mike how much he has for example Motey Senior hadn't paid and therefore has or will be giving Ian his entry money towards his prize fund of 80. Just like giving him pocket money again hey Mike!

A total of 60 is the roll over for either the cup competition or something different for this season.

Finally - I would rather someone else take over the running of this  at the moment I have very little time and next season will be worse.
Richard Slatford