A Challenge to remember Geraint

Something that occurred to me when I read the many tributes to Geraint in the last edition of The Old Stationer was the number of times that the Yorkshire Dales 3 Peaks Challenge was mentioned. I enjoy walking (particularly uphill) but this is something that I have never attempted; but, in memory of such a fine individual, I think that I am going to have a go.

So I wonder how many other Old Stationers might feel the same. Some of you will have done it once many years ago. Some may have done it many times. Some will be like me and never yet tried it.

If you aren’t aware what the Challenge is, or have forgotten, the 3 peaks are Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. In total walking a circular route to climb all 3 involves around 5,000 feet and 24/25 miles. The Challenge is to complete it within 12 hours.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park organize such a challenge at weekends during British Summer Time. People sign in at the start and after returning to the same point within 12 hours receive a certificate. So any of us could try it whenever it suits us. Geraint died on 22nd April but the first anniversary falls on Easter Monday. As very few of us live near enough to get there for a very early start (soon after 6.00 a.m.) and get home again the same day after a beer (to celebrate) and a meal at least one overnight stay will be involved (two would make it more practical). So Easter is unlikely to be a good time to attempt this.

If enough Old Stationers wanted to attempt it together a mid-week fixture might be easier. With 60 to 75 of us we could take over the HF House in Malham (but that’s beyond my expectations). However, the organization of such an event would be formidable. Not just in terms of booking accommodation but also controlling the walk itself. Apart from trying to find dates that would suit enough people, maps, people walking at different paces, making arrangements for those who can’t make it all sound a more daunting challenge than the walk itself.

When I started to mention my interest in having a go the question of which charity will I support was raised. It should be possible to arrange one or two charities (I think Marj was a MacMillan Nurse) such that we could all try to obtain some sponsorship for the same charities.

The purpose of this note is to try to find out whether there is any interest in undertaking this challenge to remember Geraint, either as a group or individually. If the latter, we could photocopy all the certificates and send them to Marj together with details of how much had been collected.

More detail about the Challenge can be found on www.threepeakschallenge.uk/yorkshire-three-peaks-challenge or www.yorkshiredales.org.uk

If you think that you might like to participate in some way please let me know.

Roger Engledow