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Old Stationers are located all around the world - we hear from Old Boys in America, Australia, the Bahamas, Canada & Hong Kong. Why not post a message in the visitors' book to let everyone know where you are?

Although the school no longer exists, & even though the building has been demolished, a wealth of camaraderie still remains among the old boys. As just one example, the OSA Annual Dinner, held at Stationers' Hall, attracts many members each year.

If you're not already a Member of the OSA it is well worthwhile joining us; not only are there many benefits of membership - but also we have Traditions & a great History to maintain!


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Do you or does anyone have any pictures of the school, pupils or masters that you or they would like to see on the internet? Please email them to us - or, alternatively, the Webmaster's address can be sent to you by request so you could post them to us. They would be scanned & the originals returned to you. We already have a wonderful collection - & we are adding to it regularly!

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Here are a few that we have received - click on each to enlarge them:


The upper sixth in 1972
Sid Holmes and WAC Rees in the 50s with the swimming team
"Beak" Davis and "Four-leaf" Clover chat up the locals on a school trip
The school from the Wilderness
From the school's 1970 prospectus - new arrivals
Another from the 1970 prospectus - leaving schoo - Alex Flemming has pointed out that Chris Lucas is in the middlel
Studying in the library - from the 1970 prospectus
In the science labs - again from the 1970 prospectus
Robert Hughes sent me this picture of the Upper Sixth in July 1968.
From Keith Fielder in Hong Kong - taken about 1957-58. Anyone wanting to contact Keith should reply to his message in the Vistors' Book
This school photo of the first form taken in June 1977, was sent in by Lawrie King - his email address is in the visitors' book
November 1965 - Steve Newman sent me this pic of the U14/15 team - the team members are listed under the enlarged picture. Far be it from me to be an umpire, but Alex Flemming has told me this is actually the U13s
An excellent picture of the lower sixth in 1954 - a picture taken by WAC Rees - courtesey of John Brignell
Another super picture from John Brignell - the lower sixth cricket team in 1954 - anyone know more about the occasion?
The first of three pictures from Graham Knight, posted by his son, Jim - also an Old Stationer. Mr Rost's class 1931/32
The second of Graham Knight's class pictures - Mr Ryan's class 1932/33
The third of Graham Knight's pictures, showing his progress through the school - Mr Oxtoby's class of 1935/36
Clive Giles sent this picture which is marked 1970 - but he says its 1972/73. One thing is clear though. It is Mr Evans' class. Oh - and look for Mr Naylor watching through the window!
George Moss sent this memory of the 1920s - and the picture below later in the decade with many of the same people.
This picture was later in the 1920s - and don't miss the 1928 school picture, selected from the button on the left!