While I was in Australia with my sons over Christmas watching the Ashes cricket, I was again able to meet up with Ray Draper (1968-74). Ray is fine and it was good to see him at all 5 days of the Melbourne Test match with his sons Daniel 13 and Christopher 12. Not surprisingly they are both keen on cricket and Aussie Rules football.

After watching the win in the Sydney Test match my sons and I spent a few days on the coast. On our return we were met by Bennetts, a shuttle transit firm, working mainly to and from Sydney Airport. The driver, Stanley Sowden, told me that his parents came from Finsbury Park and that his father, John L Sowden had gone to a school called "Stationers".
John L was born in 1903 and had two brothers, Jack and Horace. He joined Stationers in 1914 and was a keen sportsman although he never played for the Old Boys. His early address was 39 Woodland Grove and when he married he moved to 42 Highbury Place, lslington.

On leaving school he joined his father's tailor business "Family and Sporting Tailor" at 10 Bow Lane, in the City. In 1949 his family emigrated to Australia where he died in 1980. His wife is still alive aged 85 and is aware of the website.

Stanley's daughter came to work in London a few years ago for 1 year and discovered that the school was no longer standing. After further investigation she found certain features from the school i.e. the gates, organ and stained glass window had been re-located in different parts of the country.

photo taken outside Ray's home in Rouville, Melbourne, December 2002.
From l-r Stephen Hudson, Daniel Draper, Alan Hudson, Ray Draper, Christopher Draper, Paul Hudson
Ray's email address is ray.draper@bigpond.com.au
Alan Hudson - alan.hudson03@aol.com