1954 intake reunion

Our 9th reunion took place on Tuesday 4th October 2016 at our usual venue of The Cheshire Cheese.

Roger arrived at 5 minutes past noon to be greeted by 6 others who had beaten him to the pub! Overall numbers were down this year but, as one of the early attendees said, at least the “hardcore” are here. At 3.45 there were nine of us left – and we stayed until a little after 6 o/c so he was probably right.

Once we had got our medical updates out of the way, discussion turned to reminiscences of the past, current activities and of issues of the day. It is impossible to capture all of these, but a few of these included:

  • The 1958 football trip to Denmark to play at Struer, and the return trip in 1959
    Tony Hemmings still performing as an Assistant Referee (that’s a linesman in old currency) in the Southern Amateur League
  • Bob Townsend regularly playing golf, and still trying to beat his wife Marguerite
    Andy Wick’s frequent visits to Thailand and his lack of success in persuading the British Consul to issue a visa to his lady friend
  • The last time that Geoff Dawes and Bob Harris slept together – which was at a scout camp in the 1950’s.
  • Martin Brown still undertaking dental work one day per week
  • The email to Alan Williams from Ian Hartwell in Canada, where is still a practising realtor (that’s an estate agent)
  • The day that Ray Humphries and Bob Harris cycled to Brighton and back, and then got plastered in The Railway Inn on Tottenham Lane.
  • Why Spurs never finish above Arsenal in the league.
  • Who voted Leave and who voted Remain
  • John Brackley agreed to rehearse the School Song on the piano in case he is needed at the Christmas lunch
  • [more]

Apologies for absence were received from Tony McKeer, Mike Hiron, Geraint Pritchard and Ian Smith for medical reasons, and Tony Moffat had to take his wife to hospital. Richard Woods, Richard Phillippo and Roy Stephenson were in good health but unable to juggle their holiday arrangements!

Three from our year were known to have died since we last met – John Croker, Neil Oliver and Edward Partridge, and we also received confirmation that joey Hodson had died back in 2006.

After drinking a toast to “Absent Friends” we gave our usual rousing chorus of the School song.

Next year’s event will take place at the same venue on Tuesday 3rd October 2017.

Roger Engledow & Bob Harris