1960 intake reunion

Wednesday, September 7th 2016 at the Green Dragon Pub Restaurant Barnet.

Simon Westbrook, who now lives in California, but visits the UK regularly suggested the reunion, which has become an annual event.over the last three years. Simon Kusseff was the organiser!

News of other absent Old Stationers from our class:

Condolences were expressed to Eric Dore and Bob Douse. Both have recently lost their wives. Eric has moved to Margate and following an operation, has had a mini stroke, but is now recovering.

24 other OSA were contacted but unable to attend for various reasons: Jim Halliday and Martin Palmer were on holiday in Canada.

  • Philip Miall, 1966 school captain, was in Florida.
  • Ian Rose was sailing off the Frisian islands.
  • John Samson, George Taylor, David Turnbull were on holiday locally.
  • Andy Forrow was at the theatre seeing a Midsummer Night’s dream with grandchildren.
  • Chris Folwell from Sussex was repairing his damaged thatched roof.
  • Pete Hill was exchanging contracts to move to Norfolk.
  • Steve Hulford wished to be remembered to his friends from the good old days.
  • Reg Davies and Mike Pinfield, Mike Freedman, Roger Gorley from Durham, Neil Moon from Margate, Tony Innes from Norwich and Roger Manktelow from Belfast, were unable to attend due to prior engagements

Alan Holmwood recorded that 10 of the class of 1960 had died: Michael Bentham, Boyd, Michael Dawson, Steve Day, Dave Goodacre, Ian Gordon, Malcom Peltz, Chris Polliket. Kingsley Sherwin and Barry Stockwell.

Still you are Stationers, FAR AS YOU ROAM.

Almost 20% of our class 1960 now live overseas. In addition to those named above:

  • Paul Westley living in Nerja, Spain was on an Intensive Spanish course, be over next week.
  • John Marson living in Vietnam may be over in December
  • John Penhallow living in Sydney plans be in Europe for Fairport Conventions 50th anniversary Festival next August

We raised a glass to absent Friends.

It proved difficult to identify many of us from the 1960 School Photograph

Many absentees indicated an interest in attending the next reunion There were suggestions for a future rendezvous in a London pub for ease of access and some absentees suggested it be a lunch time meeting.